We've bundled all the favorite cuts of Seven Creek Beef's ranch moms!  We hope that you enjoy these cuts as much as our crew does! 

Here's what is included in the box:
  • 1 - Fajita Meat
  • 2 - Roasts
  • 4 - Chuck Eye Steaks
  • 6 - Short Ribs - Tablitas Style
  • 6 lbs - Stew Meat
  • 12 lbs Ground Beef 


  • 13-14 lbs of 100% grass-fed, grain-finished Red Angus Beef that is tender and flavorful
  • Packaged in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness
  • Family ranch raised, using animal husbandry best practices so you can feel good about the food you are putting on the table
  • Meat ships out on Mondays and Tuesdays will arrive within 1-3 days frozen.
  • Local pick-up available
Ranch Moms Favorites Box

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