Beef raised with love from our farm to your table.

Our cattle are grass-fed, and grain-finished without added hormones. We know people have a desire to know where their food comes from, and we want to be able to share what we do here at our family ranches with our friends, family and the local community. Our mission is simple: provide healthy, local protein choices for our local communities.

Passionate about beef.
We know every animal we raise. By emphasizing animal health and sustainable pasture management, we can improve both. Our herds help maintain the pasture's natural balance, and the native grasses they graze provide rich nourishment for our herds. 

Passionate about people.
Family is the heart of all our operations. We are proud of our ranching heritage and providing our communities the beef we raise. Beef brings us together around the dinner table as a family, and this passion led to the creation of Seven Creek Beef. 

We work hard every day to take care of our land and our cattle, which in turn provides a healthy protein choice for local families. Our commitment is to bring our families and friends wholesome eating experiences and delicious beef.