What if I don't see my favorite cut of beef? 

Send us an email! Not all of our stock is on the website, we'll do our best to accommodate your special order.

Can you do a custom box?

Absolutely! Please send us an email as to what cuts you would want, with the total being a minimum of 20 pounds. We would fill your order with the exact cuts and weights, based on availability, and send you an email with the inventory of your box as to the cuts, the weights, and the price. In that email, you’ll get a special URL that will allow you to checkout and pay, and then schedule an appointment to come out and pick up your order. You can also come out and pay by check or cash if that works better for you.

Remember that each animal is different, so you may wish to have a certain weight on your roasts or other cuts, and we may not have that exact weight. You may wish to have 5 pounds of ground, but our packaging is in 1.5" pound packages, so you’ll be advised that you can have 4.5 or 6 pounds of ground.

What are your delivery options?

Local Pick-up/Delivery
We are in North Texas, located in Denton County. If you are within the DFW area and need a rush order, we offer delivery on larger orders based on a per pound price. Email us for special delivery options.

To schedule local pick-up, leave us a note as you checkout and we will contact you to schedule a good time for pick up.

We offer shipping with insulated freezer boxes ready to go into your freezer. We only ship on Monday and Tuesday those orders we have received by 1 on Tuesday.  We don’t want your beef to sit in a truck any longer than necessary, so you will get a tracking number so you can meet the delivery and get it in your freezer.