Half side and whole beef customers at Seven Creek enjoy the best value and greatest ability to customize their order. You choose how thick you want your steaks and which roasts you would like to keep or grind into hamburger meat. Not sure what to pick? No worries, our experts can help you decide.

Packages on average yield 40% ground beef, 35% roasts and 25% steaks.


What is Hanging Weight?
“Hanging weight” is the weight of the animal after the harvesting process which
removes the head, internal organs, hooves, and hide. You can expect a “take
home weight” in packaged meat of about 60%-70% of the hanging weight,
depending on the cuts you choose. Seven Creek Beef pricing for bulk buys will be on the hanging weight. 

  • Quarter of a side will approximately weight of 180 lbs. Fore and Hind quarters will be available.
  • Half of a side will approximately weight of 360 lbs.

These weights are approximations since every animal is different.

How much meat will I take home?
It all depends on the animal and the cuts that you choose! Our best estimations are listed below. Exact number will be available once the butcher calls, letting us know that your order is ready for pick up. On average you can expect 40% ground beef, 35% roasts and 25% steaks.

How much room do I need to store it?
About 1 cu. ft of freezer space for each 25 lb. of beef.

 Approximate Take Home  Freezer Space Needed
Quarter 105 lbs 3.5 cu. ft.
Half 210 lbs 7 cu. ft.
Whole 420 lbs 14 cu. ft.