A farm favorite! The Tenderloin steak is the leanest, most tender, and flavorful steak of all.  Our tenderloin steaks are cut a 2thick and approximately 6 to 8 oz each.

*Minimum order: 2 steaks


  • 100% grass-fed, grain-finished Red Angus Beef that is tender and flavorful
  • Steaks are cut 2 inches thick, giving you a meaty bite that is easy to cook to your ideal temperature
  • Packaged in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness
  • Family ranch raised, using animal husbandry best practices so you can feel good about the food you are putting on the table
  • Meat ships out on Mondays and Tuesdays will arrive within 1-3 days frozen.
  • Local pick-up available
SKU: 30
Tenderloin Steaks (Filet)

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